Dear friends!

We have got some good news for companies, which would like to support the team spirit of the employees.

On the 21st of September at Moscow Marathon corporate race will be traditionally organized, in which famous companies participate second year. The route of the Classical marathon’s distance — 42 km 195 m will take the runners to the heart of the capital: the Garden Ring Road, Tsvetnoy Bulvar, Tverskaya street, at the Kremlin walls. Popularity of the corporate race is not deliberate it creates a new model of teamwork, develops skills of support and understanding between partners, moreover this kind of run creates active and healthy way of life in the collective.

Relay marathon will be divided into 5 stages. Each runner will get the number, chip with electronic timing system and T-shirt. Memorable medals of the marathon will be presented to the participants at the finish.

Registration to the Corporate Run will be opened until the 8th of September 2014.

Please find more information about Corporate Run and terms of registration on the link bellow http://moscowmarathon.org/en/marathon/marathon/registration-fee/

Last year we had a dream to hold a marathon in the heart of Moscow. Our goal was to see people run through the main streets of the city in order to achieve their dream – the finish line at the Luzhniki. In 2013, 2366 participants ran unique route of the Moscow Marathon for the first time. As a result, a new record was set by the number of runners who finished the marathon and the dream became a reality.

"From Dream to Reality"  this is the slogan of the Moscow Marathon 2014. 

What is your dream? To cover the distance of 42,2 km for the first time or to set a personal marathon record? To run through the streets of central Moscow, engraving unforgettable city views into your memory or to repeat last year's success by running the Moscow Marathon one more time? Whatever your goal – we look forward to meet you and help you to attain your dream. We eagerly await you on September 21, 2014 in Luzhniki!


Dear friends, we are on the home straight!

The registration on the main sport event Moscow Marathon will be closed today. On the 21st of September 2014 thousands of runners from Russia and other countries will meet in Moscow to run classic distance – 42 km 195 m and to take part in Moscow Marathon for the second time that has become important part of running movement.

Training races have started on April. More than 10 000 participants took part in different kinds of runs: First Run, Moscow Half Marathon, Color and Night runs, Music Half Marathon.

More than 11 thousands of runners applied for the Marathon. For all the participants Moscow main streets, embankments and avenues will be closed. We’ll run along specifically developed track: by the Moscow City, the Garden Ring Road and Tsvetnoy avenue, through Krimskiy Bridge and Kitaygorodskiy proyezd, down Tverskaya street and under the Kremlin walls. Who is not ready to run the marathon, can take 10 km. The start point and the finish point are at the same place in Olympic Complex Luzhniki.

«From dreams to reality» — the slogan of the Moscow Marathon 2014. Last year a dream about big sport event came true. Now it is time to dream about new records and new progresses.

You will find more information about the runs and Marathon on our site.


The Music Half Marathon took place on the embankments in Moscow for the first time in Russia yesterday, on August 17th. About 4 500 participants ran the distances of 21 km 097 m and 10 km. The first runners of 21 km 097 m distance were Sergey Zyryanov (1 h. 20 min. 31 s.) and Juliya Krykova (1 h. 20 min. 31 s.). Ilgizar Safiullin (31 min. 27 s.) and Aleksandra Pavlyutenkova (35 min. 5 s.) became the winners on 10 km distance.

Hand bikers competition started 10 minutes earlier then mass start. On the Music Half Marathon for the first time in the series of runs the group of sportsmen with reduced capabilities took part.

DJs and musicians performed for the runners on the specially installed stages along the distance. Dj Loona, Ze'bros Band, Sentyabr FМ, The Riots, Reykyavik, Young Adults, Jahz, Dj Chagin, Malkovic, Dahaka, Fugufish, Jars, Liker Zhara set the rhythm for participants.

The Music Half Marathon is the last part of training runs by Moscow Marathon, which will take place on the 21st of September 2014. Registration for the marathon is still opened. At the moment about 10 000 pers have already registered. The last day to apply for the marathon is September 8th.

You will find more information about the runs and Marathon on our site.